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What Are the Health Benefits of Using Adult Toys?
3 months ago


According to reliable sources, the adult toy industry makes over $15 billion each year worldwide. Based on further research studies, at least half of the population of first-world countries admit to having a product or two with them. Aside from the pleasure aspect of using these toys, there are other health benefits to using them. This short article will discuss some of these health benefits in detail in the coming paragraphs.


The adult toy industry is growing in significant numbers now more than ever. One of the reasons why this is so will have to be the fact that more people are looking for them. With the increasing number of people buying and using them, it is not a surprise why most if not all people are already familiar with them. Some studies conducted in the US show that 45% of men and 53% of women between the ages of 18 and 25 years old have used a vibrator. And this vibrator use has been linked to increased reproductive function and becoming more proactive toward one’s reproductive health. Besides adding some spice in your intimate life and offering pleasure, adult toys can also be used as adjuncts to medical treatment.


There are varying reasons why plenty of adult customers these days look for adult toys. For starters, people visit adult toy shops to look for items that can help with certain health conditions that they may have. For women, the use of adult toys is helpful in treating symptoms of menopause such as pain and tightness in the vagina and vulva and vaginal atrophy. Women feel pain in their vagina or vulva because of a range of conditions such as vaginismus, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological conditions as well as low libido and lack of arousal. Check out dame eva 2 or ohmibod for the best sex toys.


The use of certain medications can also affect the pleasure and intimate function in both women and men. Some of these medications include heart and blood pressure meds, antihistamines, antidepressants, and cancer treatments. Many doctors recommend the use of adult toys for a range of health issues. In a study conducted among menopausal women, adult toy use has improved their sleep as well as relieved overnight sweating. Some evidence also proves that the use of thin internal vibrators in combination with quality vaginal lubricants can boost the blood flow to the vaginal area. With increased blood circulation in this area of the body, symptoms of vaginal conditions can be improved. The use of adult toys can also complement other recommended treatment modalities like medications, local anesthetic gels, and psychological therapy. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/sex-toys-every-couple-should-try-once_n_5aa9461fe4b0600b82ff45dc

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